Everything About Secondary School With IB Singapore

IB program is a middle-year program at secondary schools in Singapore. Let’s understand the benefits of secondary school with ib singapore.

  • The learning approach is real and is based on real-life examples. The learning methodology allows students to learn with practical examples.
  • It develops a student’s capacity to learn. Personal projects focus on improving students’ critical thinking and research skills.
  • It also teaches the importance of life skills. It makes the student a responsible global citizen.
  • It supports, motivates, and engages the students so that they can succeed in the world once they complete their school education.
  • The year 11 students sit for the IB MVP assessment and receive the IB MVP certificate. This certificate benefits students by giving them authority and a license for MVP completion.

What exactly is the MVP exam?

It consists of a combination of exams consisting of on-screen exams and portfolios. It is conducted and marked by the baccalaureate. Students who perform best in their second language or mother tongue earn the IB MVP bilingual certificate.

About MVP assessment

The MVP assessment includes seven subjects and one personal project. Mvp Assessment is a reputed assessment. This reliable, globally consistent, and trusted assessment helps you demonstrate the study for further study. The admission process at secondary schools is straightforward, so you can easily apply online.

Many secondary school with ib singapore are very good for students. Students can enroll in these schools because they will prepare them for the real world.